That’s what I called good feeling.

I don’t know how much I’m influenced by binge watching Daredevil over past weekend, I was so in with scenes at the bar. How much Karen just almost has eaten Matt already.

And I was so buying with beer and wine and burgers.

Last night we had planned ahead to Junker and Bar at Suan Phlu, where my friend has repeatedly sending an approval for it. And I was like I got this beef craving since the last Friday when I had that crappy burger at McDonald’s. Then it happened.

We got a taxi dropped us at Suan Phlu, and the place looked not that heavily packed since it’s middle of the week, even the day after is a holiday (yay). So we got there and like first ten seconds we already had the super bestest service from the crew. I may overrated, but it was a while since I received these good vibes and inviting service like this.

I ordered Wagyu beef burger with Pheebok Beer (เบียร์ผีบอก), Thai crafted Pale Ale. I must admit I’m a beer noob but I can tell that from the tasting it tasted light and refreshing with a little of sweetness. Which has less alcohol as the cons but OK it’s not that damn bitter.

We talked and played cards and listened to the music. I saw the sparkles in my eyes when we took a photo and got me questioning about that time when I saw sparkles in his eyes. I found this very interesting story that a photographer captured pictures of people before-after having glasses of wine. And it made me realized that it was just one good time and that shouldn’t be first thing in my head anymore.

And right now I was like, just get over it shall we?

But Junker you rock! Even it took a lot of time to had your delish burgers but we are so OK with that because everything else can be made up for, friendly staff, cards for playing, music and loads of times for us to chat. Totally gonna visit again.




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