Circular Cafe

Circular Cafe is a one-block-cafe with a limited parking space in front of the shop. But I heard that you can also park your car in front of the other block with the orange doorway. Anyway, Circular cafe is a tiny cafe but it has such a huge heart for the coffee beans. They have many kind of coffee beans blend and origins. I had the light blended one from Japan. The decoration is simply in black and white. Dark wooden table and a glimpse of black industrial feeling.

I was thinking of having an affogatto. But that’s not kind of a lunch for me so when I looked at the menu. I thought I would be having an egg in a pan. Sadly they ran out of eggs, so I just had a tiny carbonara danish instead. Great thing is they can heat the pastry up so you’ll be really happy when those buttery flavor absorbed in your mouth.

And for the coffee, this cafe serves mostly what’s about coffee. No iced-lemon tea things, per se. And what I saw on the menu is flat white. Dear god, never had one, never understand what it is too. That’s a reason for changing my mind for a cherish cold drinks to hot coffee in this weather of humid and heat at its peak.


Oh, as I mentioned above. I’ve requested for coffee from Japan which is a light coffee, which means less sour. Personally I’ve found myself enjoy a light coffee alone. But strong coffee with dessert. And this one goes really well with the light and delicate milky taste.

For me I would take a second visit for this cafe and try for more roast and pastries. Only my concerns are limited parking space and the music is playing too quiet that it makes a silence even louder than the music itself. If you understand what I’m trying to explain? But the rest of it were all good there.

Circular Cafe

@ เมืองเอก รังสิต

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